Story submitted by Ray Cockburn






Yesterday I took advantage of the good weather and booked a vacation day. I only have a couple of week to get together with Andrew before he leaves for three months. We decided to fish the ganny, what a great day together on the stream.
We left the house about ten after five and arrived at the picnic grounds a little after sunrise. We proceeded down to the river and went to the area that Jim & I had fished on Saturday. The rainbows were still there but not interested in any offerings. Cast after cast no results. I did get one to hit but it broke off after a couple of jumps.
We proceeded to go up river casting the pools in the usual areas for trout bur had very little luck. Actually after the hole just past the swimming hole we did not see any pools of fish. I caught an 18" one that came out from a log and then a little further up I caught a 24" 4.5 lb one. Andrew latched onto a 20" one and landed it successfully. We worked the river all the way up to the steel beam that juts out into the river. We each caught two other small bows about 16 " It was a beautiful day on the river with the odd black fly there just to aggravate. We walked back toward the car and Andrew said why don't we go see if the pooling fish might be hungry for lunch. I said sure why not it's such a fine day and it was only 11:15.
We went back to the beginning and at the first pool they were no more interested than they were in the morning. We proceeded to the next pool and it looked like there were more fish in there that there was in the morning. It was neat just to see them scatter about as we cast into them. I started casting up into the flow of the stream and retrieve it with the current to see if this would have any effect. Andrew said to me " we might just as well get going" when all of a sudden I had a hit. It was a huge fish the largest that I have ever had on. After 20 minutes I weight and measured a 30" 9 lb rainbow with a 14" girth. What a thrill. I said to Andrew " are you sure that you still want to leave?" He proceeded to follow the same protocol on casting up into the current and with in 5 minutes he latched onto a real beauty also. He played it well and landed a 26" 6 lb beautiful specimen. Both of these large magnificent fish were returned to the river to continue their lives.
After this we decided that we better leave for home as we walked back past the river, where you are quite elevated and have a good view of the stream. We stood there and watched 5 large rainbows just scoot up and down the river in the sunshine It was just such a marvelous sight to see. A Million dollar day on the Ganny with out any question.